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Surviving Roadtrips

This summer I made my yearly round-trip drive to Boulder, Colorado, where I play in the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra. From my home in the Washington, DC area it takes about 1,700 miles and 25 hours of driving to reach Boulder. I make the drive in 2 long days.

The Drive

The Annual Drive

I would typically take a flight for such a long distance, but because the festival is 6 weeks long, it’s nice to have a car to have the freedom to go hiking, see family/friends, etc.

If you are interested in a road trip (long or short), I have some tips and suggestions to make your next one great.

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Anatomy of a Free Audition Part Three: Getting Around There

Anatomy of a Free Audition

Part One: Getting There

Part Two: Staying There

Part Three: Getting Around There


Ride Sharing Options

At the time of this audition, I was in Houston without a car, relying on Uber for transportation, so I was pretty comfortable with the app and the process. I had to get to/from the hall from the hotel a total of 4 times (twice both days I played). The cost was about $11 each way, but fortunately I had some Uber referral credits for free rides. To get your first ride for free sign up here (any ride up to $20 will be free and anything above that will have $20 deducted):

Uber Logo

Use the promo code ubermusician while signing up for an account on your Android or iPhone. If you buddy up with a friend for the audition, you can catch an Uber from the airport to your hotel, refer your friend with your new referral code, they call an Uber car back to the airport, and you get a free ride for a future use. Win-win. Check out their list here to make sure that the city you’re traveling to has Uber. They are operating in almost every major US city and are really expanding worldwide (57 countries as of now).

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